Dick Williamson PhD

      Dr Williamson grew up in Shelby county Ohio and spent many of his formative years with his paternal grandmother and is of mixed Lakota/Scot descent.He has completed a work of fiction titled In Black And White, about the experiences of two soldiers in Viet Nam; one black and the other white.  The book explores the consequences of war and forced separation and becoming friends in a racially divided world.  He has written a novella called the Wanikiya that deals with the spirituality of the Lakota Indians.  He has also authored a humor book titled Almost Flying, dealing with the zany sport of racing pigeons.  He has a book in progress called Justin, a story of deprivation and child abuse and has recently completed two works in Theology; one titled The Influence of Pneumatology in Contemporary Biblical Translation and the other titled The Nature of God. Dr. Williamson holds a Ph.D. from United Christian Theological Seminary.

Williamson's publishing credits include; a monthly by-line for National and Western Bow Hunter Magazines for 15 years.  He edited a book titled Blood Trails for friend and rock star Ted Nugent.  He wrote a monthly feature for Adventure Outdoors magazine for 5 years, National Bowhunter Magazine for 10 years and 1 year for US Archer magazine. He has completed a book of humor currently under publication consideration and wrote a weekly sports column for a local newspaper.

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