My Published Works
Nature of God is a spiritually practical approach to nurturing a relationship with God by using biblical examples related to modern issues. The book explores the sovereignty of God and how the power of the Holy Spirit influences our decisions when we have a right relationship with Jesus. It compares biblical accounts of challenging issues with those of contemporary living. The book demonstrates that we still serve the same God that commanded our biblical progenitors. The book provides the reader an opportunity to see how God responded to Old and New Testament characters and that His words are immutable and unchanging. The same biblical truths that existed for many thousands of years still exist today. The inescapable conclusion is that we are admonished to follow God’s Word today with the same zeal as our Bible examples. It is the only true way in which we may know the nature of God.

ISBN: 1494982455

Many stories have been told about the tumultuous era of the sixties as we reach for a better understanding of the dynamics of the incredible social changes that took place. In Black and White chronicles the Vietnam experience of two American soldiers—one black and one white. Though the novel includes some graphic scenes of war, it is intended to be a backdrop and not the focus of the book. The emphasis is on the personal development of these men as they work through issues of friendship, love, war, racism and loss. In Black and White is far more than a Vietnam War story. It is about coping with forced separation and loss of innocence. All of us can relate to overcoming overwhelming circumstances in our lives. There are no heroes or heroines in this novel. There are only survivors who have learned to love and to discover themselves through incredible odds.

ISBN: 1456301276

Almost Flying takes a hilarious look at the zany sport of raising and racing pigeons from the slightly demented mind of Dick Williamson. The book covers Dick’s life-long relationship with the birds, using the stories as a humorous metaphor to explain what he thinks is wrong with the world. He just may have a point.

ISBN: 1456324098

Eagle Wings is a compelling story of an Oglala, Lakota Indian living deep in the Canadian wilderness and raised by his uncle after their escape during the 1970s siege at Wounded Knee. Eagle Wings is raised by his uncle (Leksi) as a traditional and knows very little about contemporary civilization. In all respects he is living the life of his primitive forefathers until threatened by the modern world.

ISBN: 1475004710

In the life of every Lakota, there is a season for eack person to seek a vision that eventually defines who they are both physically and spiritually. This book explores the journey for one such Holy Man called Wanikiya.

ISBN: 147011044X

Justin is the true story of Justin Blue. He begins his life in a stable home under the watchful eyes of a loving grandmother. After his parents move away from her farm he is plunged into a nightmare of abuse and neglect. Justins memory of his Native American grandmother provides him with a strong spirit and will to overcome his circumstances. Justin is routinely abused and tormented but refuses to allow the essence of his nature to be destroyed. Justin endures his childhood years emotionally isolated and longing for love. Though often dejected he does not allow his spirit to be destroyed. Though Justins story captures the misery of being abused it offers hope for those who have suffered and survived the same distress. It is a wonderful story of healing through the power of forgiveness.

ISBN: 1434823288